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Shopping For A Chiropractic X-Ray Machine

Shopping For A Chiropractic X-Ray Machine

In chiropractic, as with any other form of medicine, the accuracy of diagnosis is key to delivering proper treatment to restore patients to health and full function. The best guess isn’t good enough; one cannot simply wing it and hope for the best. For this reason, many chiropractors in the Midwest round out their chiropractic equipment with effective X-ray equipment purchased from Great Lakes Imaging.

Better Insight Leads to Better Treatment.

How Are X-rays Used in Chiropractic?

Chiropractic x-ray equipment is used for a few key purposes in modern chiropractic offices. Broadly speaking, it’s all about getting a view of the patient’s spinal and neuromuscular health from the inside out, but there are a few good reasons to do this.

  • Evaluating posture and weight, and their impact on spinal health
  • Identifying common pain sources like disk degeneration and fractures
  • Ruling out the recurrence of cancer in past cancer patients, since tumors may cause bone or soft tissue damage, or cause nerve pain
  • Devising treatment plans for patients with scoliosis and other abnormal spinal curvature
  • Ruling out issues that are not best treated by a chiropractor
  • X-rays may also be taken throughout treatment, the better to track patients’ progression through the treatment plan
  • X-rays may also be useful in identifying bone density issues or bone spurs that could complicate treatment

Factors to Consider

How can you choose the right diagnostic imaging equipment for your practice?

Digital or Film?

Film machines tend to cost less because they’re simpler; as such, there’s less to go wrong, and lower maintenance. While digital imaging machines are more complex, the trade-off is a higher level of detail, and the ability to store x-rays digitally for easier recall, comparison, and sharing among multiple members of your treatment team. By way of a compromise, some film machines are capable of conversion to digital.

New or Used?

It’s not uncommon for medical practices to upgrade equipment like X-ray machines or chiropractic adjustment tables. What another practice has outgrown may be perfect for you, and if you purchase through a reputable used imaging equipment dealer like Great Lakes Imaging, your purchase will be warranted for your peace of mind.

Fixed or Mobile?

Finally, it’s worth asking whether your practice and patients are better served by a stationary unit or by portable imaging equipment. If you’re already using X-ray equipment, your decision may be an easy one; however, if this is a new service for your practice and space for either the X-ray machine or its accompanying radiation shielding is tight, a smaller and more mobile unit may be helpful.

Purchase a High-Quality Chiropractic X-ray Machine

There are, of course, other considerations when it’s time to outfit your chiropractic office. Imaging software, adjusting tables, roller massage tables, and several other types of medical equipment are vital to a smooth-running office. For all that, it’s hard to overstate the importance of X-rays in improving diagnostics, helping you take better care of your patients. Don’t you deserve a supplier who’ll pay your practice that kind of close, caring attention? Contact Great Lakes Imaging today for help meeting your practice’s day-to-day imaging and treatment challenges.