Selling the highest quality diagnostic imaging equipment since 1994

Great Lakes Imaging’s history began in 1994 when Bill Kay set out to sell the highest quality medical and diagnostic imaging equipment around. Partnering with various x-ray and other medical equipment manufacturers, he was quick to achieve this dream.

Bill set up shop in Macomb county. As the team grew, so did Great Lakes Imaging. Today, Great Lakes Imaging staffs a team of exceptional technicians and sales representatives in our Madison Heights, Michigan office.

Unmatched diagnostic imaging services

Selling the latest and greatest imaging devices was not enough for Bill. He believed that Great Lakes Imaging should not stop after the sale. In order to provide the best service to a growing customer-base, Great Lakes Imaging is dedicated to helping customers every step of the way.

Great Lakes Imaging history is built on our service. We work with clients to pick the right equipment for them. We make it our mission to move your equipment and make sure it is properly installed. We outfit rooms with the proper radiation shielding solutions for safety. We provide ongoing service and repairs to equipment.

Most of all, we care about the client. Our team strives to be more than medical equipment suppliers. Great Lakes Imaging strives to be an all-inclusive package that will guarantee your satisfaction.

Ushering in the digital age in x-ray imaging

As technology continues to evolve, the medical landscape is constantly shifting and changing. With this, medical imaging has undergone a great deal of iterations. Great Lakes Imaging understands these changes and remains on the cutting-edge.

When digital imaging was introduced, our team was there. They learned everything they could about digital imaging solutions and how they could change the medical world. With the advent of digital imaging solutions, Great Lakes Imaging was ahead of the curve and ready to help their clients set up their digital x-ray systems and ensuring their success.

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Elevate your diagnostic imaging capabilities with Great Lakes Imaging. Our meticulously curated selection of top-notch equipment and supplies is designed to enhance your facility's imaging infrastructure. For any inquiries about our products or services, do not hesitate to reach out to one of our knowledgeable sales representatives. We are here to provide comprehensive information and discuss how we can optimize your diagnostic imaging setup. Choose Great Lakes Imaging for excellence in diagnostic imaging solutions.

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