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Custom Medical Equipment Solutions

Custom Medical Equipment Solutions

Great Lakes Imaging serves the needs of a diverse range of medical practices when it’s time for medical equipment supplies near Detroit. More than 25 years’ experience has taught us that our clients’ practices are as diverse and unique as the patients they serve, calling for a high degree of customization that serves your needs and theirs alike. We are dedicated to helping you figure out what you need, then giving you the tools and services to achieve it.

Medical Imaging Solutions

Technicians’ lives would no doubt be easier if one imaging machine could cover every need. But you, and we, know that isn’t the case. That’s why we offer custom digital imaging systems that provide high resolution and plenty of control over what you see. From digital combinations to C-Arm devices, we partner with you to design and medical equipment installations tailored to your practice and your needs.

Chiropractic Tables and Equipment

Today’s chiropractic care combines high-touch with high-tech. The chiropractic table remains the backbone of your practice, but we know many chiropractors’ treatment modalities are broader and more creative. That’s why we offer a wide range of both new and used chiropractic tables and equipment, ensuring you can find the best fit for your practice.

As with our imaging solutions, we go the extra mile for chiropractors as well. You can reupholster a chiropractic table to refresh it and give it a new lease on life, or even add custom embroidery that brings a personal touch to your practice. That attention to detail — ours and yours alike — helps to ensure patient loyalty.

The Advantage to Custom Equipment and Medical Supplies

Custom medical equipment and medical supplies are the backbone of any new practice or medical office renovation. Among the advantages you’ll realize:

  • Improved accuracy and image quality means less need for retakes
  • Mobile solutions enable you to do more in smaller or constrained spaces
  • Custom shielding keeps technicians and staff safe
  • Layouts customized to your space ensure smooth workflow
  • Improved workflow, in turn, creates efficiency that improves patient experience and outcomes

Ongoing Support from Great Lakes Imaging

More than sales and installation, Great Lakes Imaging is home to an experienced group of technicians who support your custom medical equipment when you need it. Our familiarity with different product lines lets us fix the problem quickly and correctly.

We offer repairs for custom medical equipment solutions and tables. Equally important, we provide preventative maintenance services that stave off future problems.

Remote access allows our IT specialists to log in and troubleshoot problems  without visiting your office. We can solve almost any issue without taking up space and valuable time with on-site visits.

Running a medical practice, regardless of your specialty, should never feel like trying to do more with less. It’s about finding the right equipment and supplies to leverage all you’ve learned from a lifetime of care. To find out more about what our custom medical equipment solutions can bring to your office, contact Great Lakes Imaging and one of our knowledgeable sales representatives will be in touch for a consultation.