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Everything You Need to Know About Treatment Tables

It’s safe to say that treatment tables have quietly revolutionized a wide range of medical practices. They make a wide range of treatments more practical, more precise, and even safer. And if you’re searching for treatment tables in the Detroit metro area and throughout southeast Michigan, Great Lakes Imaging is here to help.

What are Treatment Tables, and Who Uses Them?

Exam tables and ADA-accessible exam chairs usually have a degree of height and angle adjustment for patient comfort and practitioner access. They also typically come with extensive storage for tools and instruments, cleaning supplies, and other things that may be necessary for the course of an examination. Their versatility means they’re used in a wide number of settings, and they’re especially useful in multidisciplinary practices.

A treatment table is a simplified form of an exam table. Most often used by masseurs, or alongside physical therapy equipment, and in fields like chiropractic and sports medicine, they feature some of the same features as exam tables (upholstery that is easily cleaned, a degree of adjustability), but their purpose allows for a degree of simplicity.

Treatment Table Features

No matter the professional or the setting in which they are used, treatment tables share several standard and optional features in common. Carefully consider the needs of your practice, and if you need assistance finding the best solutions, contact Great Lakes Imaging to take advantage of our custom medical equipment services.

  • Padding for comfort
  • Height adjustability for optimal treatment, safe ingress and egress, and even patient transfer
  • Locking mechanisms that ensure the table’s sections remain in place
  • Adjustable sections for precise patient positioning
  • A contoured opening for the face and nose that allows for comfort and easy breathing
  • Customization choices, ranging from upholstery types and colors to electric or manual mechanisms, to different storage and portability solutions

Treatment Table Types

Your patients come to you with a variety of needs, and in all shapes and sizes. Shouldn’t your treatment table?

Basic Treatment Tables

Light, durable, and cost-effective, basic treatment tables are a key player in many practices. From our Classic Wood Treatment Table, with its range of customization options, to our metal-framed Aluma Elite treatment table, it’s easy to find the perfect fit.

Elevating Treatment Tables

Elevating treatment tables like the ME-2002 Elevating Table have their own built-in advantage. Because they are height-adjustable, they reduce strain on the practitioner. They’re also far more accessible for patients who may be disabled or suffering limited mobility due to pain and stiffness.

Wall Mount Treatment Tables

When space is at a premium, you may not always have the space for a dedicated treatment area. You may also wish to have a spare table located near your imaging suite or in another part of your practice when it makes sense to do so. A wall-mounted treatment table gives you an on-demand treatment space but stays tucked away when not in use so it’s not in the way.

Bariatric Treatment Tables

Our bariatric treatment tables are specifically designed for heavier patients. Wider, with a reinforced structure and thicker padding, provides better weight and pressure distribution. As a result, these are safer and more comfortable for heavier patients, as they are capable of accommodating weights of 500 to 1,000 pounds.

Chiropractic Equipment

While some treatment tables can be used successfully in chiropractic offices, it’s worth mentioning that the standard treatment table will not incorporate many of the features—traction, tilt, and drop functions among them—that are part of the chiropractor’s stock in trade. Fear not; we have an equally diverse selection of chiropractic tables and equipment available.

Treatment Tables and Therapy Solutions in the Detroit Area

Beyond medical imaging solutions and medical equipment installation, Great Lakes Imaging is trusted because we offer a range of support services, from design services to treatment table repair and maintenance, that keep your practice firing on all cylinders. Contact us today for more information or a consultation.