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Finding Different Types of Podiatry Equipment and Supplies in Michigan

Running a podiatry practice, like any other medical practice, is a delicate balancing act. While the podiatrists Great Lakes Imaging has been honored to work with over the years have been compassionate and caring, there’s also the recognition that your practice is also a business — even if it’s one that’s more mission-oriented than most. Keeping that business humming so you can focus on your patients’ health and well-being means having the best podiatry equipment and supplies for the task at hand.

Types of Podiatry Equipment

To begin with, let’s start with the type of equipment you need.

Podiatry Devices

Quick and accurate diagnostics are the backbone of a thriving podiatry practice. That’s why Great Lakes Imaging offers a wide range of products that include standard frequency and high frequency x-ray units, hospital-grade Momentum Wireless DR flat-panel cassettes, and custom flat-panel units for specialized applications.

Podiatry Software

Many podiatry devices have proprietary software to enhance imaging and diagnostic capabilities. However, select vendors also offer solutions that are cross-compatible with a number of types of equipment; mOpal software is a prime example of this.

All-in-One Podiatry Solutions

For new offices, or those refitting to modernize, an all-in-one podiatry solution that combines hardware, software, and apps can be the most cost-effective approach. We combine a number of components from respected names like 20/20 Imaging and Dell to give you imaging, diagnostics, mobile access, and much more, complete with installation and training.

Sourcing the Right Podiatry Supplies in Michigan

Having narrowed down the type of equipment you need, your next challenge is figuring out the best way to source it. We offer a number of different choices.

Shop Online

Paper catalogs having gone the way of the dinosaur, it’s best to start your research online. This is actually a good thing, since there’s much more information available from multiple sources. That, in turn, helps you make well-informed decisions. But in addition to knowing the types and specifications of the podiatry equipment you’re shopping for, there’s more than one way to get this gear into your office.

New Podiatry Equipment

New podiatry equipment has a number of advantages. It’s the latest technology, with cutting-edge features. Equally important, for some practices, is the fact that you don’t need to worry about how the previous owner used (or misused) the equipment, or whether they’ve maintained it poorly.

Used Podiatry Equipment

Used podiatry equipment also has its perks. Not least of these, obviously, is cost. Alleviating the concerns we outlined above is easier than you’d think; it’s a simple matter of buying from a podiatry equipment dealer like Great Lakes Imaging that backs what they sell.

Refurbished Podiatry Equipment

Refurbished podiatry equipment strikes an ideal balance between new and used equipment. On the one hand, you get the benefits of buying used. On the other hand, because this equipment has been thoroughly inspected, cleaned, and serviced, it’s in close to new condition, making it a more attractive option in many cases.

Customizing Your Podiatry Equipment

In much the same way that each podiatry office will have a different budget, and need different kinds of equipment, each also utilizes these tools in different ways. For that reason, Great Lakes Imaging also offers custom medical equipment solutions that tailor your equipment to your needs alongside our medical equipment installation services. For help cutting your imaging and equipment needs down to size, get in touch with us for a consultation and we’ll get to work on a suite of solutions tailored to your practice.