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How to Find X-Ray Equipment in the Midwest

How to Find X-Ray Equipment in the Midwest

There’s no question that x-ray equipment has benefits for practices and their patients alike. Few of us would willingly go back to a time before the faster and more accurate diagnostics provided by x-ray machines. But how and where those images are captured matters, and an increasing number of practices are integrating x-ray machines to improve workflow and patient outcomes. If you’re one of them, Great Lakes Imaging can help you make better-informed choices.

What to Consider When Sourcing X-Ray Equipment

A wide variety of practices use medical imaging, and there’s an imaging solution for each use case. To ensure you’re making the right choice, your first step is to ensure that an x-ray machine is a right tool for the job. Once you’ve made that determination, what comes next?

X-Ray Machines by Practice Type

Just as there are many types of medical imaging, from ultrasound to magnetic resonance imaging, so do x-ray machines differ by the type of practice for which they’re designed. Durations, intensities, capture media, and even the degree of portability may vary based on your practice’s needs and the available models. Broadly speaking, however, Great Lakes Imaging provides solutions for:

X-Ray Equipment Brands

Some companies have a long history and provide a broad spectrum of x-ray solutions. But even newer companies are worth your while since they’ve often staked their claim on a higher degree of specialization—not just in terms of hardware, but also in the accompanying imaging software that helps diagnosticians and practitioners get the most from the equipment at hand. If you’re unsure of a company because they’re hitherto unknown to you, read the reviews of their equipment; it’s also worthwhile getting in touch with a medical imaging supplier who can present you with several different options, and the pros and cons associated with each.

X-Ray Equipment Condition

New x-ray equipment is, of course, always a welcome addition to practice. However, when you’re buying from a reputable supplier, using x-ray equipment in good operating order is a viable way to save money on advanced equipment. Reconditioned and serviced before resale, it can provide years of reliable service with proper imaging equipment maintenance.

How to Establish the Credibility of a Medical Equipment Supplier

When you’re shopping for x-ray equipment, you don’t expect your search to raise more questions than answers. And for all the things riding on your imaging equipment—health, safety, and even the survival of your practice—an equipment supplier you can trust is just as important as choosing the right type and brand of equipment. So be sure to consider the following:

  • Your prospective supplier’s online reviews
  • Your, or your colleagues’, past experiences
  • Their reputation for customer service
  • Their ability to back what they sell

Our suggestion? Put your supplier to the test. If you’ve been searching for any amount of time, you likely have questions. How easily and quickly you can get answers is often a good indicator of how quickly and easily you can get support later when you need it. It’s just one reason we encourage even moderately curious medical practices to get in touch with us.

Why Great Lakes Imaging is the Best X-Ray Equipment Partner

When you evaluate Great Lakes Imaging by the above criteria, it’s easy to see why we’ve been such a success story over the last quarter of a century; in short, it’s because we understand our success is inseparable from our clients’. We back what we sell with custom x-ray equipment installation, maintenance, repair, and even the complimentary supplies that keep your practice running on an even keel. To find out more, or for help meeting your most urgent medical imaging challenges, get in touch today!