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How to Maximize the Lifespan of Your X-Ray Equipment

How to Maximize the Lifespan of Your X-Ray Equipment

Let’s address the elephant in the room: x-ray equipment is a major investment. With that borne in mind, your practice will want to do all it can to see the most return on its investment, from putting that equipment to proper and frequent use, to ensure it lasts for the long haul. The steps you can take to do just that are a lot simpler than you might realize—especially with a trusted partner like Great Lakes Imaging.

Know The Purpose of Your Equipment—And Your Practice

One of the many reasons that medical practices throughout the Midwest turn to Great Lakes Imaging is that they know we’re a trusted source of used medical imaging equipment. Where that equipment comes from can tell you a bit about how to get more from yours.

Some equipment is effectively traded in to trade up; it’s a good way to finance newer, and more advanced, x-ray machines. But there’s another reason that practices sell us their older x-ray equipment: they weren’t very careful about what they chose in the first place. Think before you purchase. Know the needs of your practice now, to be sure; but also spare a minute to think about where your practice is headed, and where your medical equipment fits in that longer-term planning. Part of ensuring your x-ray machine lasts is ensuring it can grow with your practice.

Proper Installation Matters

Unsure about the type of equipment, or how it might fit your workflow? Don’t guess. Ask. We custom-design medical equipment solutions that encompass not only x-ray equipment but also full exam suites, x-ray shielding, and more. It’s a great way to ensure you maximize space and revenue alike.

Understand the Nature of Your X-Ray Equipment

If you’re a chiropractor, podiatrist, or vet, your office likely has a support staff, in which your radiologist is a key player. But ensuring longevity also means an understanding of the equipment in use in your office. To begin with, x-ray equipment comes in many forms, with film machines providing a bit less by way of upkeep than their digital counterparts.

There’s also the question of the other types of equipment you’ll need, since x-rays, as good as they are, won’t be the right diagnostic tool for every job. So ask yourself whether it’s worthwhile obtaining ultrasound equipment or other types of diagnostic and treatment tools to round out your practice. And of course, you’ll want to make sure you know what to look out for in terms of trouble signs, so your equipment isn’t misused and does not fall into disrepair.

Don’t Neglect Your Equipment

That last point deserves to be underscored. Nearly any x-ray machine from a reputable manufacturer is designed to last for a long time under the proper use conditions, and with the right imaging equipment maintenance. But it’s not something that can be simply installed, then forgotten. It requires calibration, periodic adjustment, and cleaning. When it’s neglected—and sometimes even when it’s not—repairs will be needed, too.

For the sake of your and your patient’s safety, be diligent about repairs and maintenance. And don’t forget that Great Lakes Imaging provides x-ray equipment service in the Midwest, servicing onsite when possible and at our facility for larger repairs to minimize disruption and downtime.

Updates Matter

While the right hardware matters, it’s important to make sure you’re considering the big picture. The rise of digital imaging has opened up new possibilities for diagnostics, making your software as important—sometimes even more important than—the hardware on or with which it runs. Make sure that software is always up-to-date since updates will include functional fixes, security patches, and other things meant to optimize performance.

X-Ray Equipment in the Midwest: Comprehensive Solutions from Great Lakes Imaging

Making sure your x-ray equipment is in it for the long haul is easier with the advice and service from a trusted provider like Great Lakes Imaging. No matter where you are in the process—procuring new equipment, getting design and installation assistance, or ensuring your equipment is always ready to give its best—we’re here to help, so reach out today.