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mOpal Imaging Software

mOpal Imaging Software

What if your patient images could be viewed any time by anyone to whom you gave access? How might that streamline your treatment plans, operating efficiency, and even consults? Thanks to mOpal, an innovative imaging software solution developed by 20/20 Imaging and offered through Great Lakes Imaging, the answers to those questions may surprise you.

What is mOpal?

mOpal combines Opal-RAD Professional Workstation software with the browser-based DICOM viewer. It can be used on-site, but because it works seamlessly across iPad®, iPhone®, Android™, Blackberry®, and a range of other devices, it’s a robust mobile imaging solution. It provides access to nearly anyone, just about anywhere there’s a reliable internet connection.

Practices Using mOpal

Because it works with nearly anything in the 20/20 Imaging ecosystem, mOpal software is versatile enough to integrate with an equally wide range of medical practices as well.

Looking to make your existing imaging suite as capable as possible? Not sure if your existing equipment is compatible? We’re here to help.

mOpal Compatibility

mOpal plays well with others.

Imaging Hardware Compatibility

mOpal software is designed around imaging devices built by 20/20 Imaging. It will not work with the JPI True Portable system, or with the Osko Edge FS Air (among others), but it will integrate seamlessly with the SR-130 High Frequency system and a myriad of other 20/20 Imaging solutions. If you’re unsure — especially if you’re adding mOpal to your existing hardware — call us for a consultation.

Mobile Device Compatibility

Because mOpal is browser-based, it is both hardware and software agnostic. If you want to take advantage of its deep functionality on a PC or Mac computer, you can. But it’s equally capable of running seamlessly on Android and iOS devices of any stripe, from tablets to mobile phones, and will even work on browser-equipped Blackberry devices. As we’re about to see, this feature has some significant benefits.

mOpal Features and Benefits

So what does this software do, and how do you benefit?

  • Mobile device access brings a high degree of portability, providing easy access in exam rooms and surgical suites, but also making mOpal an ideal fit for mobile and pop-up practices
  • Cross-device compatibility means that mOpal can typically work with the hardware you already have, eliminating the need to invest in new devices
  • Because it supports the same behavior you use on mobile devices — swiping, pinching, dragging, and tapping — it’s intuitive to use, and has a shallow learning curve
  • Settings and access can be customized, enabling easy restriction or sharing of information as needed — excellent for referrals and consultations
  • No additional apps or downloads are needed, so even older devices shouldn’t find their resources stretched thin
  • Integrates tightly with other 20/20 Imaging solutions, streamlining password management, annotations, and more
  • Backed by the extensive experience of Konica/Minolta, longtime leaders in medical imaging

Product Availability

mOpal software can be bundled with any new 20/20 Imaging product we carry, and can also be integrated with older purchases and many legacy products. For assistance getting the most out of this software in your practice, schedule a consultation with Great Lakes Imaging today.