Mobile/Portable Radiology

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Mobile/Portable Radiology

At Great Lakes Imaging, we understand the evolving needs of modern healthcare, which is why we specialize in offering top-tier mobile medical equipment. Our range is expertly designed for healthcare providers who require flexibility without compromising on quality. From portable CT scanners and Digital Imaging devices to mobile Exam Tables, MRI systems, Women’s Health equipment, and X-Ray Systems, our products ensure the highest standard of care is always within reach, wherever it’s needed.
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Explore Our Range of Mobile Medical Equipment

Our mobile medical equipment is crafted with the needs of dynamic healthcare environments in mind. Each product combines portability with the latest technology, ensuring that high-quality medical care can be delivered anywhere.

Portable CT and MRI Systems

Offering cutting-edge imaging on the go, our mobile CT and MRI machines bring advanced diagnostic capabilities directly to the patient's bedside or remote locations.

Digital Imaging and X-Ray on Wheels

Our portable Digital Imaging and X-Ray systems provide immediate, high-quality imaging results in various settings, from emergency scenes to sports facilities.

Flexible Exam Tables

Lightweight, durable, and easy to maneuver, our mobile exam tables are designed for versatility across different medical scenarios.

Stationary Imaging Systems

Complementing our mobile units, we also provide stationary Digital Imaging, CT, MRI, and X-Ray Systems for traditional healthcare settings.

Specialized Equipment for Women’s Health

Our mobile solutions extend to specialized Women’s Health equipment, ensuring comprehensive care is accessible everywhere.

Why Choose Great Lakes Imaging?

Innovative and Adaptable Solutions

We lead in providing mobile medical solutions that adapt to the changing landscapes of healthcare delivery.

Quality and Reliability

Our equipment is built to deliver consistent, high-quality performance, even in the most challenging environments.

Expert Support and Training

We ensure that our clients are well-equipped with the knowledge and skills to utilize our mobile equipment effectively.

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