Zenith 100 Flexion Distraction


Standard Features:
5 Year Limited Parts Warranty
Exclusive Cervical Distraction Headpiece w/ Cervical Flexion, Extension, Lateral Flexion and Pivotal Rotation
Tilting Headpiece
Face Paper Toweling and Dispenser
Caudal Flexion/Distraction w/ Leaf Spring Design & Tension Indicator
Power Balance System -motor pre-loads spring tension in caudal section
Remote Footswitch
Manual Caudal Assist Handle
Lateral Flexion Locks in any Position
Circumduction Combines Lateral and Vertical Flexion
Manual Plane Traction Adjusts Table Length
Adjustable Ankle Rest w/Ankle Cuffs
Dual Locking Control Levers on both sides of table
Lumbar Roll
Sensation Upholstery
Platinum Base Color
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Table Specifications:
Length 79.5” to 89.5”
Height Varies 22” to 32”
Width 21”
Cushion Width 21”
Weight 400 lbs.Options include:

Automated Axial Distraction [includes foldaway caudal assist handle] – provides traction/decompression treatment
Drops [air or manual] – up to two, pelvic & thoracic
Pivotal Thoracic Locks in any Position
Axial Rotation Locks in any Position (*not available w/drop option)
Auto-cocking Air drops
Foldaway Caudal Assist Handle – retracts for easy patient access
Dual Elevation Buttons on cushion
Raised Pelvic
Breakaway thoracic
Breakaway thoracic with thoracic drop
Heritage or Leather Upholstery