Stork S’port Maternity Support


Stork S’port Maternity Support relieves the muscular pain and fatigue of pregnancy by correcting spinal alignment and gently supporting the abdomen. By supporting under—not over— the abdomen, this unique pregnancy support provides relief. The Stork S’port Maternity Support does not require a stabilization strap above the abdomen.

  • No uncomfortable stays or hard inserts
  • Uses the force of gravity to promote correct posture and gently support the low back, pelvis and abdomen during pregnancy
  • Supports under, not over, the abdomen
  • Does not require a stabilization strap above the abdomen
  • Easiest application of any maternity support: Attach the backside panels to the front abdominal pad and adjust the side pulls
  • Adjustable loop closure with nylon lining allows easy adjustment for an accurate fit
  • Dress size before pregnancy: Small/Medium (4-14), Large/X-large (15-20)
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