CM Series Generator


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CM Series generators offer advanced high quality radiographic capabilities with unmatched performance and reliability, resulting in the lowest cost of ownership over the product lifetime. This generator is suitable for film and CR-based radiographic systems and features leading edge computer-based controls to minimize patient dose and maximize image quality while demonstrating excellent reproducibility with user-friendly operator controls.

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CM-Series X-ray Generator:

Generator Type: High Frequency Output (maximum 400 kHz)

kVp range: 40-125 kV (32 kW / 40 kW) / 40-150 kV (50 kW)

mA Range: 10-400 mA (32 kW)/10-500 mA (40 kW)/10-630 mA (50 kW)

mAs Range: 0.1-500 mAs (32 kW / 40 kW) / 0.1-630 mAs (50 kW)

​Input Phase/Voltage:

208-230 VAC (1 phase)

208-230 VAC (150 kV optional 3 phase)

400-480 VAC (150 kV optional 3 phase)


-Automatic Exposure Control (AEC)

-Dose Area Product (DAP)

-Exposure Hand Switch

-Membrane Control Console

-Mini-Control Console