CUBE Vet 3 High Powe...



  • White Sock, Chattanooga, CUBE Vet 3
  • Distal piece, Vet
  • Animal goggles vet – set of 3
  • Operating manual, Vet
  • Interlock Connector
  • Optical fiber handpiece
  • Zoom optical, CUBE 3 & 4 only
  • Goggles
  • Dark goggles
  • Warning sign
  • Power supply
  • Power cord, US/Canada
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Laser light & Biostimulation

  • Biostimulation is the ability to stimulate and promote tissue growth and repair at the cellular level. The wavelengths of laser light are mainly absorbed by the chromophores; molecules located inside cells able to convert laser light. The by-products of this process are indispensable substances for the repair, growth, and proliferation of cells. By using the appropriate wavelength, the maximum therapeutic e?ect on the target tissue can be achieved. Depending on the modulation of the wavelength and on the chosen parameters, different effects can be achieved.
  • Analgesic effect – laser light converting into heat
  • Laser light is absorbed and partly scattered in the target tissue, which is then largely converted into heat. This thermal stimulus to the nociceptors of the skin a?ects the peripheral neurological tract and polarizes the neurons important for pain perception. HPL increases pain threshold while reducing the transmission of pain stimuli to the brain thus allowing immediate pain relief.
  • Anti-Inflammatory effect
  • Inflammation is necessary for healing. The challenge for the clinician is to control this acute inflammatory stage in order to allow the next stage of healing to begin. The CUBE Vet effectively modulates the inflammatory processes, secondary to their deep stimulation of tissues. This deep stimulation triggers vasodilatation and increased oxygenation, which activates the main metabolic activities and resolves the inflammatory process quicker.
  • Regenerative effect
  • The described acceleration of healing processes can be witnessed in the following:
  • Facilitating the repair and regeneration of damaged cells
  • By treating nerve injuries such as traumatic or iatrogenic paresthesias
  • Enabling wounds, ulcers, and mucositis to heal faster thanks to biostimulation
  • The actual cascade of healing is fuelled by increased ATP synthesis and increased protein synthesis combined with cellular proliferation. The attenuation of the laser light in the tissue depends on the localization of the lesion and determines the laser power required. Deeper structures such as tendons or joint capsules may require the application of higher doses to the surface tissue.
  • Antibacterial and antiviral
  • Various types of bacteria can be thermally destroyed using HP Laser energy, without causing irreversible heat induced damage to tissues. The virulicid effect that deactivates or helps destroy viruses is generated by stimulation of the immune system and lympocytes proliferation. In addition, the laser treatment generates an increase in oxidative stress which affect aerobic bacteria’s growth.
  • Additional features and benefits
  • Deep tissue penetration with power up to 15W in continuous wave
  • Optimal tissue absorption due to the 3 or 4 wavelengths, (660nm, 800nm, 905nm, 970nm) emitted simultaneously or alone
  • Pulse range from 1-20,000 Hz to prevent tissue adaptation
  • High quality optics producing a unique homogeneous beam profile for most consistent and safest application
  • Optical Zoom 1 to 5cm2 for better energy density control
  • USB or Wifi for quick export of data history
  • Built in Lithium Ion battery provides up to 75 minutes of treatment time
  • Solid-state diode module, reducing heat and ensuring a stable laser emission