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A powerful video imaging system is the foundation of any advanced endoscopic platform. Fujifilm’s long-standing experience in medical image engineering led to the pioneering of LED Multi-Light technology in Endoscopy in 2018 with the introduction of the ELUXEO® Endoscopic Imaging System.

With ELUXEO, Fujifilm is the first to achieve optimal illumination that enhances endoscopic visualization and image clarity. The ideal output combination of individual LEDs has been developed to achieve optimal results in White Light as well as clinically proven special light observation modes: Linked Color Imaging (LCI®) to enhance adenoma detection and Blue Light Imaging (BLI) to enhance characterization of lesions.

Since then, Fujifilm has introduced a comprehensive line of 700 Series colonoscopes and gastroscopes that, when used in combination with the ELUXEO Endoscopic Imaging System, provide endoscopists with an unmatched combination of image clarity and visualization with exceptional scope control, maneuverability, precision, and ergonomics.



Multi-Light Technology


Revolutionizing Endoscopic Image Clarity and Visualization

Fujifilm delivered a revolutionary upgrade with the introduction of LED Multi-Light Technology in 2018, replacing legacy xenon lamps with independently regulated LEDs to achieve optimal results in illumination. The ideal composition of LED output has been developed to elevate clarity in White Light Imaging and unlock new capabilities with Image Enhanced Endoscopy (IEE).


Blue Light Imaging


High Intensity Blue-Violet Light Imaging for Endoscopy

BLI has been developed by Fujifilm to help provide confidence in pre-therapeutic assessment, at the touch of a button. By emphasizing output of short wavelength light, which is readily absorbed by hemoglobin, Blue Light Imaging (BLI) allows enhanced visualization of microvessels for confident characterization of gastrointestinal lesions. Find additional information on BLI and read up on clinical studies here.



Linked Color Imaging for Endoscopy

Through combination of light spectrum enhancement and advanced signal processing, LCI differentiates the red color spectrum, developed to enhance mucosal visualization.* Find additional information on LCI and read up on clinical studies here.

* LCI is not intended to replace histopathological sampling as a means of diagnosis


CMOS Technology

Fujifilm’s leading-edge CMOS Image Sensor chip is built directly into the tip of the scope, quickly transforming the analog signal to digital at the site of examination. This ensures brilliant image transmission with reduced noise.

CMOS Technology supports 60 frames progressive scanning, where complete images are processed rather than half-frames. The result is a high-resolution, smooth moving image with reduced blurring.


Intended Use:

The VP-7000 unit is used for endoscopic observation, diagnosis, treatment, and image recording. It is intended to process electronic signals transmitted from a video endoscope (a video camera in an endoscope). This product may be used on all patients requiring endoscopic examination and when using a Fujinon/FUJIFILM medical endoscope and light source together with monitor, recorder and various peripheral devices. BLI (Blue Light Imaging), LCI (Linked Color Imaging) and FICE (Flexible spectral-Imaging Color Enhancement) are adjunctive tools for gastrointestinal endoscopic examination which can be used to supplement Fujifilm white light endoscopy. BLI, LCI and FICE are not intended to replace histopathological sampling as a means of diagnosis.

1The BLI/LCI special light observation modes are only compatible with EC-600WL v2, EG-600WR v2, and 700 series models.



Clinical Images


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