MDR – DR Workstation


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Powered by an on-board 40kW high frequency generator, 300kHu X-ray tube, and the user-friendly DELWORKS image acquisition workstation, the MDR is intended to be an all-inclusive mobile imaging solution.

The compact collapsible column of the MDR makes it easy for operators to navigate through crowded spaces without the visual obstruction of a standard column.

The DELWORKS driven MDR workstation acts as a control hub by seamlessly integrating all system components. This allows technologists to easily view and continuously monitor all vital generator and detector information directly from a large 19” touchscreen monitor. Its high contrast ratio and wide viewing angles provide technologists with superior viewing capability.

The MDR provides users with a large storage area to comfortably hold and access all necessary accessories such as grids, additional batteries, and most importantly — DELWORKS E-Series DR detectors.

The MDR features a lead acid maintenance free battery design that provides up to 8 hours of movement and imaging without requiring a charge. A power cord reel gives operators access to nearby outlets without dealing with tangled cords.




MDR Mobile System:

Width (transport position): 22.7″ (57.6 cm)

Length (transport position): 46.2″ (117.3 cm)

Height (transport position): 53.3″ (135.4 cm)

Transport handle height:35″ (89 cm)

Focus-ground distance: 27.2″ (69 cm) to 80.5″ (204.5 cm)

Max height:86″ (217.6 cm)

Arm extension (telescopic): 14.2″ (36 cm)

Front range: 28″ (71 cm) to 42″ (107 cm)

Lateral range: 20″ (51.7 cm) to 34.5″ (87.7 cm)

Rotation of X-ray tube head:

A-swivel, ±180°

B-swivel, ±320° (from transport position)

C-swivel, 127° (90° forward, 37° backward)

Speed forward (in transport position): 0-3 mph

Speed forward (in working position): 0-1.6 mph

Speed backwards: 0-1.6 mph

Weight (batteries included): 959lbs. (435 kg)


DR Workstation:

Operating system: Windows 10 Pro 64-bit

Processor: 3.0 GHz, Intel Core i5

Storage/memory: 16 GB RAM, 1 TB HD

The MDR is compatible with E-Series wireless detectors, available in standard 14 x 17” and 24 x 30cm sizes.