Spectra 30 High Frequency Generator


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The SPECTRA 30HF Incorporates the Latest Technology Available Today

From automatic line compensation that adjusts for variance in incoming line voltage, to tube protection, which prohibits exposures with excessive kVp and mAs. Safe, reliable and consistent performance of the SPECTRA 30HF generator is what you can expect.

The operator console is remarkably easy to use. The operator simply enters the kVp and mAs technique factors.

  • The SPECTRA 30HF generator automatically selects the highest mA and shortest exposure time possible.
  • The dual mAs/ma digital display provides the operator with the opportunity to view the mA the SPECTRA 30HF selected. Giving the operator total control, the mA can be modified when longer exposure times are desired.

The optional state-of-the-art Automatic Exposure Control (AEC) provides consistent film density, even when pathology is present. With up to three fields in the AEC chamber, the operator simply selects the field(s) under the anatomy of interest and enters the kVp. The SPECTRA 30HF will terminate the exposure at the exact mAs necessary to obtain a high quality film. After the exposure, the mAs value will be displayed for reference and documentation.

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