TradeMark Adjusting Table


Call for Price

The Trademark Adjusting table is engineered for excellence and designed as an affordable choice for a growing practice or as a starter table. Quality options include all three drops (thoracic and lumbar in a single chest cushion, as well as pelvic), height, elevation and a variety of headpieces.


Table Configurations:

  • ES9012 – E9012 TradeMark Adjusting Table – 120V
  • ES9212 – E9012 TradeMark Adjusting Table – 230V
Standard Features:
  • Stationary table height is 19″
  • Adjustable face cushion and tilting headpiece
  • 8″ Ankle extension with elevation
  • Breakaway and elevating abdominal cushion
  • 22″ Wide comfort custions
  • Long, ergonomic armpads
  • Steel base
  • Paper roll holder, cutter, and guide bar
  • Weight capacity: 350 lbs.
  • Overall dimensions: 65”L x 28”W x 19”H
  • Extended maximum length: 73″L
  • Cushion width: 22″W
  • Rated voltage: 120V/230V
  • Rated frequency: 60Hz

Table Options

Headpiece Options:
  • E4401 – Tilt, Forward Drop, Toggle Drop, Adjustable Face Cushions
  • E4408 – Tilt, Elevation, Adjustable Face Cushions
  • E4409 – Tilt, Cervical Distraction, Adjustable Face Cushions
  • E4410 – Tilt, Elevation, Forward Drop, Toggle Drop, Adjustable Face Cushions
  • E4411 – Tilt, Elevation, Forward Drop, Toggle Drop, Cervical Distraction, Adjustable Cushions
  • E4423 – Lateral Flexion (14°) – Available on all headpiece options
Drop Options:
  • E4412 – Thoracic Manual Drop
  • E4413 – Lumbar Manual Drop
  • E4414 – Pelvic Manual Drop
Height & Elevation Options:
  • E4802 – Extended Stationary Height Beyond 26″ (Per Inch)
  • E9012-L – Elevation 20-28″ with Single Foot Pedal
  • 95284 – Dual Foot Pedal Elevation