VT300 Wall Stand


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The VT300 wall stand features a tilting image receptor, promoting comfort and precision for standing or seated examinations. Every adjustment is precisely counterbalanced to allow smooth operation with light effort applied by the technologist. This makes the VT300 accommodating to all users regardless of size or strength.

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VT300 Tilting Wall Stand:
Receptor tilt range: +90°/ 20°

Vertical travel range, vertical receptor: 15.5″ (39.4 cm) to 71.1″ (180.6 cm)

Travel range, 90° position: ​Minimum 25.5″ (64.8 cm)

Height: ​83.1″ (211 cm)

​Depth, vertical receptor: 30″ (76 cm)

​Receptor width: 24.6″ (62.5 cm)

​Receptor height: 26.5″ (67.3 cm)

​Weight: 765.5 lbs. (347.2 kg)

​Weight, no counterweights: 368.5 lbs. (167 kg)


– 8″ (20 cm) extension box
– Overhead patient handgrips

-Rotating cassette tray