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Reasons to Buy Refurbished Medical Equipment

Reasons to Buy Refurbished Medical Equipment

Medical equipment like monitors, scanning systems, and surgical equipment can be expensive. Hospital settings tend to need them in higher quantities. The option to buy refurbished medical equipment is popular for industry specialists for a range of different reasons.

This provides healthcare educators, medical departments, and rural or smaller healthcare providers with products that can accommodate their budgetary restraints. Here is a more detailed look at why you should buy refurbished medical equipment.

Top 5 reasons to buy refurbished medical equipment

Stocking a facility with new medical equipment can pose a real challenge. Especially for a business that has yet to penetrate the market. Over the years, many different medical products have become popular. From surgical tables and infusion pumps to patient monitors, electrosurgical units, and more. Refurbishing these products has a wide range of uses.

1.   Save when you buy refurbished medical equipment

Newer products often come at a 40% to 60% higher cost than refurbished equipment. The money saved is one of the top reasons physicians go for options like this. When you buy refurbished medical equipment, you get to spend strategically.

You can get brand new pieces of smaller equipment and save on costs for bigger products just by getting them refurbished. This cost-effective method enables healthcare providers a faster return on investment while still offering excellent care for their patients.

2.   Eco-friendly equipment options

Discarding equipment like hospital stretchers or bed frames is bad for the environment. They take a long time to degrade and can release toxins into the environment. Manufacturing new ones can also be a waste of natural resources.

3.   Buy refurbished medical equipment with solid performance

When you get cost-effective medical equipment, it doesn’t mean you are getting poor-quality products. Refurbished equipment should work exactly the same as the newer models. It should meet the healthcare industry’s demands and budgetary needs.

To get a reliable purchase, make sure you are buying the product from a reputable company. The company should have years of experience in the field. Biomedical professionals refurbish every unit and specialize in different kinds of equipment.

4.   Safety

A couple of years ago, refurbished equipment had a bad reputation. Many questionable products were available on the market. But now, reputable companies like Great Lakes Imaging are ensuring safety and offering refurbished products that can accommodate the customer’s needs.

The refurbishing process includes:

  • equipment testing
  • maintenance
  • recalibration
  • worn parts replacement

5.   Customer service

Reputable companies are looking to build long-term relationships with customers. When you buy refurbished medical equipment from a trusted company, the main perk is the customer service you will receive. With the proper support, you can rest assured knowing you’ve purchased high-standard products that work.


Due to the demanding budgets and priorities, many healthcare facilities find it difficult to buy medical equipment. Refurbished medical equipment can help you save on costs. All the while, you obtain the technology and products that can benefit your patients.