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Repair or Replace Clinical Equipment? Hire a Professional to Find Out!

Repair or Replace Clinical Equipment? Hire a Professional to Find Out!

Your practice is well-respected in your community. That’s understandable, since you’re the first place people turn to when something goes wrong. But where do you turn when you’re the one who needs help? We don’t just mean life’s aches and pains; we mean the pain points of your practice, not least of which is the breakdowns suffered by clinical equipment and the slowdowns they cause in your office. When treatment or diagnostic equipment isn’t performing 100%, you’re not either. But before you shudder at replacement cost, find out whether medical equipment repair from Great Lakes Imaging is a viable option. 

On-Site Clinical Equipment Repairs

Our goal, like yours, is to keep your practice running with minimal disruptions. That’s why our medical equipment technicians arrive with manuals, tools, and parts in tow so that most repairs can be handled in your office, getting you back up and running at full capacity quickly. Whether it’s keeping your equipment sanitary with intact cushions, ensuring that the motor runs quietly, or ensuring that all parts have their intended range of motion, we’ve got you covered.

Off-Site Clinical Equipment Repairs

On the other hand, after a consultation, you may decide that having our team on-site could interrupt the flow of your practice. Or there may be cases in which the repairs needed for your treatment equipment — such as your HYLO or decompression table — are better handled in our in-house workshop in Michigan. If that’s the case, don’t worry; we turn repairs around quickly, and your equipment will return to you in like-new condition.

X-Ray Calibrations

Precision matters in practically everything you do, but nowhere is it more important than in imaging. When you’re working with radioisotopes, it’s vital to get the right exposure the first time, not only to ensure an accurate diagnosis but also to minimize exposure for patients and staff alike. Because of the half-life of radioactive elements, x-ray machines lose effectiveness over time and need to be calibrated. Your equipment should be inspected and calibrated biannually. We will provide you with a full report so you understand the nature of the work we’ve done.

Clinical Equipment Maintenance

Sometimes the best way to address the “repair or replace” question is to punt. Mind you, we don’t mean ignoring your equipment. Instead, we suggest paying it closer attention. Timely maintenance is quick, easy, and inexpensive. It’s also the best way we know to stave off repairs, minimizing downtime for your equipment and your practice alike.

Working with Great Lakes Imaging

Back to our original question: repair or replace? We find that a conservative approach works best. Equipment maintenance should always be your first choice, since it’s less expensive both in the short term and in terms of the money saved in repairs later. That said, age takes its toll, so even well-maintained equipment can suffer breakdowns. We suggest repairs in most cases, but you may also find that the cost of certain repairs (or their frequency, if it’s a piece you’ve used for many years) dictates that replacement makes more sense.  

More than a medical equipment supply company, Great Lakes Imaging provides medical equipment repair to the Great Lakes region. We serve orthopedists, chiropractors, vets, and a host of other medical practices. And we travel. Our service area covers our home state of Michigan, but if you’re located in Indiana or Ohio, we’re just a phone call away. So get in touch to cover all your diagnostic and treatment equipment needs!