Custom Equipment Solutions

Custom medical equipment solutions for your office

At Great Lakes Imaging, we pride ourselves on all the options we provide to customize the equipment for your office. Our team knows the value of having your equipment tailored to you. We are dedicated to helping you figure out what you need and how to achieve it. Our durable, custom medical equipment will set your facility apart from the others. Together, we can customize your x-ray room or office with personalized equipment curated just for your needs.

Create your new office to your specifications

With our custom medical equipment solutions, you can remodel your office to fit your vision. Our x-ray systems are top of the line and can be made to fit your office. Our specialists will design the spacing in your office to ensure effective workflow.

Not sure what equipment you will need for your office? We will partner with you to design your facility and determine our most valuable custom medical equipment combination that works best for you.

The right chiropractic tables for you

Among our most popular pieces of custom medical equipment are our chiropractic tables. Our stock of new and used tables feature a variety of options that can pick, allowing you to find the table that is perfect for your office.

In addition to providing multiple customizable options for your chiropractic table, we offer the service to reupholster it and add custom embroidery. Give your office a look that is both memorable and unique to you.


Upgrade your office with custom medical equipment

Upgrade your office with our medical equipment solutions. We offer a range of x-ray systems and C-Arm devices with customizable options to fit your specifications. We provide digital combinations custom-fit for your office.

There is a noticeable difference with our custom digital imaging devices. The high-resolution imaging will give you a better look at x-rays, and more control over what you want to see.

Ongoing support from Great Lakes Imaging

Great Lakes Imaging hosts an experienced group of technicians available to support your custom medical equipment when you need it. Our familiarity with the different product lines means that we know exactly what to do if something goes wrong.

Our IT specialists are capable of solving almost any issue without having to visit your office. Our remote access allows us log in and troubleshoot problems without having to take up your time with on-site visits.

We also provide preventative maintenance services for our medical equipment solutions and tables. We will service or repair your custom medical equipment and tables to ensure that you do not face future problems.

Ask us about our Custom medical equipment solutions

Want to know more about what our custom medical equipment solutions can bring to your office? Contact one of our knowledgeable sales reps to learn more.

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