Radiation Shielding

Protect your room with our medical radiation shield

With various x-ray imaging devices in your facility, you must be sure you and your patients remain safe throughout the imaging process. Great Lakes Imaging offers medical radiation shield options along with all our digital imaging products.

Our team of professionals have an intimate understanding of how a poor setup can affect your facility. We’re here to answer all your questions and provide you with our variety of solutions and products regarding lead shielding. We have the imaging technology and the means to make it safe.

What you need to know about radiation protection

Due to the nature of x-ray imaging devices, there is a risk of exposing patients to high doses of radiation. Do not take any unnecessary risks with your imaging technology. Great Lakes Imaging has the ability to make sure your facilities have the proper radiation protection.

X-rays and other medical imaging technologies are completely safe and harmless when the correct measures are taken. Let Great Lakes Imaging make sure your facilities meet the highest quality and safety standards and regulations.

Radiation and lead shielding products

There are numerous products that Great Lakes Imaging has access to when outfitting your room with the proper medical radiation shielding gear. Different offices may call for different pieces of equipment. Some of the more common tools and equipment we will implement in your facility are:

Lead glass utilized for viewing

Stationary or mobile barriers to stand behind

Lead curtains for temporary partitions

Lead walls for permanent x-ray rooms

Safety is a top concern

Not sure if your facility is outfitted with the safest lead shielding solutions? Reach out to Great Lakes Imaging and ask us about our radiation shielding services. Our specialists will come to your location to inspect your room and show you how we can make it safer. With our team of professionals, you are guaranteed a safe and secure room.

Contact us today to learn more about medical radiation shielding. One of our experienced technicians will be happy to walk you through to a better setup.

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