Technical Support/Maintenance/Repair

Reliable and Expert Medical Equipment Technical Support and Maintenance

At Great Lakes Imaging, we specialize in offering comprehensive technical support, maintenance, and repair services for a wide range of medical equipment, with a focus on X-ray technology. Our trained and authorized support technicians are always ready to provide technical phone and remote assistance, ensuring your equipment operates at peak efficiency.

Secure Cloud Backup for Patient Data

We understand the importance of data security in healthcare. Our services include secure, automatic cloud backup solutions to safeguard your patient data against any unforeseen events, guaranteeing its integrity and availability whenever you need it.

Comprehensive Maintenance and Repair for All X-Ray Equipment

Our team excels in maintaining and repairing all types of X-ray equipment. We ensure that each device is functioning optimally, adhering to the highest standards of healthcare technology.

Preventative Maintenance: Beyond the Basics

Our preventative maintenance program includes thorough calibrations, timely updates, remote monitoring, and parts replacement, all designed to prevent equipment failures before they occur. We are committed to keeping your medical devices in perfect condition.


Scheduled Maintenance to OEM Standards

We strictly follow OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) standards in our scheduled maintenance routines. This approach ensures that every piece of equipment is serviced as per the manufacturer's guidelines, maintaining its warranty and efficiency.

Customized Service Agreements

Recognizing that each healthcare facility has unique needs, we offer customized service agreements. These are tailored to meet your facility's specific goals, ensuring that our services align perfectly with your operational requirements.

Dosimeter Services

Our dosimeter services are an essential part of ensuring radiation safety in your facility. We provide accurate and reliable dosimetry solutions, essential for both patient safety and regulatory compliance.

Upgrade Your Facility's Medical Equipment Management Today

Don't let equipment issues disrupt your healthcare services. Contact Great Lakes Imaging for reliable, efficient technical support and maintenance services. Our team is ready to assist you in enhancing your facility's capabilities with our expert care.

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