Veterinary Equipment


New and Pre-Owned Veterinary Equipment For Your Clinic

Great Lakes Imaging has some of the best vet supplies for your veterinary medical facility. Our new and pre-owned veterinary equipment products are tailored to you, giving you more control and better results. We understand that animal health is a primary concern, so we made it easy to upgrade your office.

You can purchase new products through Great Lakes Imaging to get a warranty. You can also explore our pre-ownwed options at a stellar value.

High-Quality Digital Imaging Solutions

Our digital x-ray systems will bring your office into the modern age. The clear images captured by our new and pre-owned digital veterinary equipment and supplies give you a clearer view of the animal, leading to better wound care and treatments.

Our x-ray systems offer comprehensive software that will streamline productivity in your office. With all your data stored and organized, you will be able to provide top-notch treatment to every animal brought into your office.

With our veterinary equipment, patient information is easily stored. Track patients by name, breed, or owner information. With accessible information, you can quickly assess a patient and provide treatment options when necessary.

Our products are fully integrated with other tools that will greatly improve your quality of life. Our configurations will grant you access to:

Image clarity

Grid suppression

Image manipulation

Server access


Intraoral Veterinary Equipment and Supplies

Examining an animal’s teeth can be difficult. Great Lakes Imaging makes it easy with our line of dental x-ray equipment. When you can bring the x-ray to the animal, procedures become more manageable. These products offer precise control without losing image quality.

Our intraoral veterinary equipment and supplies give off minimal radiation. You won’t have to worry about exposing animals to high levels of radiation with these products. Additionally, Great Lakes Imaging offers radiation shielding services to further protect your office.

Excellent X-ray Tables to Soothe Animals

Some pets are always on the move. That’s why we offer a line of veterinary tables meant to keep pets comfortable during examinations. You can keep your animal patients in place with our veterinary products while going through your procedures.

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