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Types of Chiropractic Equipment You Need for Your Michigan Practice

In many ways, modern chiropractic medicine remains true to the roots of Daniel David Palmer’s methods of manual adjustment. But like any other form of medicine, it has also evolved with the times, adding new treatment options and therapies to older, tried-and-true practices. That means that today’s doctor of chiropractic has more ways to help their patients than ever before — and more ways to equip their practice, too. Great Lakes Imaging is here to help, with a wide range of chiropractic supplies and new and used chiropractic equipment.

Types of Chiropractic Equipment

There are many different kinds of chiropractic equipment, but broadly speaking it can be broken down into three broad categories.

Chiropractic Diagnostic Equipment

While an experienced chiropractor can use a visual and manual inspection to find affected bones and muscles, advanced diagnostic equipment has its place in modern practice as well. Chiropractic digital imaging can be used for a more precise diagnosis that can, in turn, be shared with physical therapists, physicians, and others involved in the patient’s care.

Chiropractic Adjustment Equipment

The chiropractic adjustment table is — you’ll forgive the pun — the backbone of nearly every chiropractic office. Great Lakes Imaging offers many of these, as well as massage tables and decompression and traction tables, allowing for multiple treatment modalities.

Therapeutic Chiropractic Equipment

Of course, most chiropractors enhance patient outcomes through means other than adjustment. Many chiropractors’ equipment overlaps significantly with physical therapy equipment, including cold lasers, infrared, moist heat, and percussion massagers, among others. Some offices also choose to offer products for sale to their patients, from pain relief (like Cryoderm and BioFreeze) to TENS units.

Finding Chiropractic Equipment

How you source your equipment makes as much difference as what you source. With Great Lakes Imaging, you have more choices for Michigan chiropractic equipment.

New Chiropractic Equipment

For new and existing practices with the working capital, new chiropractic equipment lets you hit the ground running. You can get the newest and best chiropractic equipment available, with solutions chosen for and tailored to your practice.

Refurbished and Used Chiropractic Equipment

On the other hand, one need not buy new to get quality equipment that’s reliable. Great Lakes Imaging also offers used and refurbished chiropractic equipment in like-new condition, which can be more cost-effective in many cases.

Chiropractic Equipment Support

Whether it’s new or used, you need equipment you can trust. That’s why we give you our best so you’re always ready to give your patients your best, without having to worry whether your critical equipment will be up to the task.

From the first day, you’ll have the full backing of the entire Great Lakes Imaging team. Answers to your questions are always an email or phone call away. Many chiropractic equipment repairs can be done onsite to minimize downtime, while others can be handled remotely (IT diagnostics and troubleshooting) or off-site (some major repairs and refurbishment). In any event, our goal is to keep interruptions to a minimum so your practice runs its best.

Call to Order Chiropractic Equipment

Whether you’re building a new practice from the ground up, renovating an established office, or simply filling in some gaps as you change with the times, having the right equipment helps you deliver chiropractic treatments that keep your customers feeling better — and keep them coming back. That’s a worthwhile investment. In order to get started, get in touch with Great Lakes Imaging today.