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What Medical Equipment Is Needed When Setting Up A New Veterinary Office?

What Medical Equipment Is Needed When Setting Up A New Veterinary Office?

No matter what kind of practice you’re running — podiatrist, dentist, chiropractor, or general practitioner-patient diagnostics are every bit as important as the treatment that follows. Vets are no exception; veterinary imaging equipment in MI, including veterinary ultrasound, x-rays, and other imaging modalities, matter just as much to our furry friends as they do in human care. So if you’re looking for veterinary imaging equipment to outfit a new practice or expand an existing one, turn to the same trusted source your colleagues have long trusted for veterinary equipment and supplies in the Detroit area: Great Lakes Imaging.

Who’s Your Best Source For Veterinary Diagnostics? We Are! Oh Yes, We Are!

Veterinary Imaging Equipment

Diagnostics are key to proper care for humans and their fuzzy companions alike.

Veterinary X-Ray Equipment

For decades, veterinary X-ray equipment and advanced veterinary digital imaging equipment have been the first line of diagnostics in veterinary medicine. Its ability to image bone and other hard tissues, find masses, or identify blockages proves its worth daily.

Veterinary Ultrasound

As good as they are, X-rays aren’t always the right tool for the job. Veterinary ultrasound equipment helps to monitor the health of unborn animals, identify soft-tissue damage, pinpoint circulatory issues, and find a host of other problems for which X-rays aren’t intended or indicated.

Other Imaging Modalities

Don’t forget that your imaging is not limited to the options we’ve already listed. Not every practice will have room for MRIs and other bulkier forms of imaging equipment, but their precision is necessary for certain diagnostics. Questions about sourcing? Call us.

X-Ray Shielding

Because veterinary X-ray machines rely on the same dangerous ionizing radiation as any other X-ray machine, protection is extremely important. Great Lakes Imaging can help ensure your technicians and patients alike are kept as safe as possible with medical radiation shielding.

Research Equipment

In addition to medical imaging, we cannot overlook the importance of pathology in veterinary practice. Microscopes, Petri dishes, incubators, centrifuges, and other types of medical equipment should be considered for these purposes.

Veterinary Surgical Equipment

A surgical suite is a key part of many practices. Here, your needs will be somewhat different.

  • Treatment tables
  • Scales to determine the weight for proper anesthesia and medication dosages
  • Anesthesia and respiratory equipment
  • Monitoring and telemetry
  • IV bags and syringe pumps
  • Suction
  • Endoscopic equipment
  • Surgical instruments
  • Autoclaves and sterilization equipment for those instruments

Miscellaneous Veterinary Equipment and Supplies

There’s a fair amount that falls under the heading of “other,” without which your practice won’t function as smoothly as it should.

  • Cages and crates for holding and recovery, which may also double for boarding in some practices
  • Incubators
  • Storage solutions for the assorted equipment and supplies accumulated for your practice
  • Dental equipment
  • Medications and vaccines
  • Refrigeration for the storage of temperature-sensitive items
  • Bags for items pet owners will be taking home with them, as well as folders for medical records and discharge instructions (an excellent opportunity for branding)

Custom Veterinary Solutions in Michigan

There are, of course, other items that matter. A comfortable waiting room with chairs, tables, and refreshments is always welcome, as are supplied to clean up pets’ inevitable accidents. Decor, magazine subscriptions… the list never seems to end. When it comes to taking care of the core equipment that matters most to your patients to get them back to their bright-eyed, tail-wagging best, get in touch with Great Lakes Imaging!