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Why do Chiropractors Use Drop Tables?

The drop table technique is often called Thompson Technique, after its inventor, Dr. J. Clay Thompson. Drop tables are a common sight in chiropractic offices. While they won’t be a component of every adjustment, many chiropractors understand the value of offering this method, and wouldn’t dream of not having at least one chiropractic adjusting table that wasn’t equipped with a drop function.

What Are Drop Tables?

Drop tables have a section that is capable of a short but rapid drop. The combination of the force of gravity and the speed of the drop is often enough to gently but effectively realign the spine. Though the sound can be startling the first time or two, the feeling is barely perceptible (this isn’t a roller coaster drop), and the pain relief is tangible.

Of course, a drop function is just one of the many chiropractic table features worth exploring in more depth.

Do Chiropractic Drop Tables Work?

In a word? Yes. As its practitioners know, and its patients quickly come to realize, chiropractic isn’t “a treatment.” It is, instead, a range of treatment modalities, with methods and equipment carefully chosen depending on the patient’s current condition and treatment goals. As treatment progresses, the methods and tools used to change to best meet new challenges. Drop tables are just one of the many effective tools at a chiropractor’s disposal.

Drop Table Benefits

What do drop tables offer, and how do chiropractors and patients alike benefit?

  • Targeted adjustments: Drop tables offer a precision adjustment for the lumbosacral spine and the pelvis
  • Gentle approach: Brute force isn’t a great solution for a pinched nerve, tight muscles, or the treatment of a pregnant patient; a drop table can help to gradually and gently loosen and realign
  • Less pain: Anyone who’s ever suffered from sciatica knows that the slightest wrong move or touch can be excruciating; drop tables help to alleviate pain and pave the way for a more aggressive approach as pain clears

Browse Our Selection of Drop Tables

Great Lakes Imaging carries a broad selection of adjusting tables, many with a drop table function. We also offer portable models, and tables that incorporate HYLO, tilt, and traction functions. If you have a specific model in mind, we likely have it; if you’re unsure of the best fit, simply get in touch and we’ll help to match you to the perfect fit for your practice.

Used Chiropractic Equipment

We understand that times are tight, and even a practice that runs like a well-oiled machine likes to save money. To that end, we also offer a range of used chiropractic tables that’s perfect for those just starting, and practices seeking a cost-effective way to fill gaps in their offices. These pieces offer the same quality, are cleaned, lubed, and adjusted, and have been reconditioned where needed. That lets you buy—and use—our equipment with confidence, regardless of whether or not you’re the first owner.

Chiropractic Solutions in the Detroit Area

Besides drop tables and HYLO tables, we also offer a full range of chiropractic imaging products, installation, design, and consultation services. Furthermore, we back what we sell with on-site and off-site chiropractic equipment maintenance and repair. With so much to offer, Great Lakes Imaging is the obvious choice for your Michigan chiropractic office!