The Latest and Greatest Orthopedic Medical Equipment and Supplies

Great Lakes Imaging hosts a wide selection of orthopedic medical equipment and supplies. We have the top products in the field that are perfect for your medical facility. With our imaging devices, you will not have to worry about poor quality images or poor functionality.

Products are available as new or used. Great Lakes Imaging has an excellent warranty to cover your new or used orthopedic equipment and supplies. If our new product lines do not fit into your budget, Great Lakes Imaging has an excellent selection of refurbished medical equipment available for you.

Orthopedic Digital Imaging Solutions

Great Lakes Imaging is here to help you upgrade your orthopedic office to a digital landscape. Digital imaging devices capture high quality images of the musculoskeletal system that will give you an in-depth look that regular film cannot capture.

Our digital orthopedic equipment and supplies give you precise control of your images. You will be able to manipulate contrast, zoom in on areas, and organize images. Our products integrate seamlessly with the latest tools and software, streamlining workflow and making your life easier.

X-ray Systems and DR Panels Tailor-Made For Your Room

We have a collection of x-ray systems and DR panels that will improve the imaging experience for both you and your patient. Our systems are comfortable and easy to use, making visits quick and easy. Great Lakes Imaging guarantees that you will be satisfied with your purchase.

Maintenance and Repairs For Your Orthopedic Medical Equipment and Supplies

Great Lakes Imaging is dedicated to the performance of your orthopedic equipment and supplies. Our experts are standing by to address any issues you may be experiencing. For technical issues, our staff of IT technicians can access your system remotely. They will be able to fix your equipment without ever having to step into your office.

We also have a team of professionals available to come onsite when needed. Our technicians will meet with you to discuss any issues you are having, as well as the best means to fix them. In addition to repairs, Great Lakes Imaging offers comprehensive preventative maintenance measures. They will service your equipment to make sure that it runs without issue for the foreseeable future.

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Do you have any questions about the orthopedic medical equipment and supplies offered through Great Lakes Imaging? Contact someone in our customer service department to learn more. They will discuss your options in order to figure out what products will work best for you.