Medical equipment repair made easy

Great Lakes Imaging has access to several full time experienced equipment technicians ready to fix any issues you may have with your clinical equipment. Our skilled service technicians have over 100 years of combined medical equipment repair work experience available to you and your facility.

Let our experts assess your equipment in order to resolve problems, as well as prevent potential future errors. With our equipment technicians, you won’t have to worry about equipment down time.

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Field service repairs

Great Lakes Imaging performs on-site clinical equipment repairs whenever it is necessary. An equipment technician will come out to your location to discuss any issues you may have. They will partner with you to go over all the options available to resolve your problems. The partnership between our technicians and your staff will ensure that you face minimal issues with your equipment.

The medical equipment technicians come prepared. They have the tools and manuals that will help ease the equipment repair and provide quick and efficient solutions. They will work with you to find schedule an appointment that works best for you. Together, you will go over any repairs that you may require and what we can do to fix them.

Inhouse repairs

Sometimes repairs require assets that are not available out in the field. Thankfully, Great Lakes Imaging has an unmatched inhouse workstation in our office. Our workstation grants us access to top of the line tools and instruments that are essential to equipment repairs. We will diagnose, troubleshoot, and resolve any problems with the clinical equipment.

Our inhouse repair services are also available for equipment repairs that you would rather have done outside of your facility. When we bring your equipment in house, you do not have to worry about equipment technicians servicing equipment while you are taking in patients.

We guarantee a quick turnaround period for your repairs. Our equipment technicians will do anything we can to get your equipment up and running, back in your office.

Out of state work

While located in Michigan, Great Lakes Imaging services several surrounding states in the Great Lakes region. We are partnered with offices and hospitals throughout Indiana and Ohio to provide ongoing excellent medical equipment repair services.

Your table will look like it’s new

Patients spend a lot of time on your tables. Don’t let them spend it in discomfort. A squeaky motor or torn cushions could lead to unhappy patient experiences. Let us keep your tables comfortable and your patients happy.

Preventative Maintenance

Great Lakes Imaging provides excellent repair services, but we would rather make sure that you don’t need us. To do this, we will perform diagnostic checkups on your clinical equipment to prevent future problems. We will keep your equipment running like new and down times to a minimum.

X-ray calibrations

It is important to make sure you x-ray equipment is proper calibrated every two years. Radiation-producing machines lose their efficacy over time, leading to decreased image quality. This can affect your ability to diagnose patients properly.

Great Lakes Imaging will send a technician out to inspect the quality of your device. Based on their diagnosis, they will adjust and calibrate your machine. All work is documented to provide you complete transparency on the calibration.

Consult with a medical equipment repair technician today!

If you are experiencing technical problems with your medical equipment, do not hesitate to reach out to one of the many talented equipment technicians working at Great Lakes Imaging. Their work experience with a variety of machines and instruments give us the edge in equipment repairs.