FAQs about Different Medical Imaging Technologies

June 28, 2022

What is the difference between medical imaging and radiography? Medical imaging is the process of capturing images of body parts or structures using x-rays, ultrasound, or CT scans. Radiography is a type of medical imaging that uses radiation to create pictures on metal plates. What is the safest medical imaging? MRI is generally considered to be the […]

Best Chiropractic Tables

June 21, 2022

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, as the best chiropractic tables will vary depending on your needs and preferences. Primary Considerations The type of table that you choose will largely depend on your body composition, height, and build. 2×4 Tables This style is typically used by practitioners who work with people who are taller than […]

Medical Imaging for Women

May 24, 2022

Women need special treatment and testing at every stage of their lives. Medical professionals can use these tests to quickly and accurately diagnose their patients. Some medical equipment suppliers specialize in providing the latest screening technology. Mammogram A mammogram is a series of x-rays taken of the breasts. These images can help doctors detect early signs of […]

Proper Setup of Medical Equipment

May 10, 2022

A competent, skilled, and experienced staff is the backbone of any hospital or other healthcare facility. However, exceptional patient care also depends on having up-to-date functional technology. Using technologically advanced equipment improves patient satisfaction and increases staff efficiency, which leads to higher revenue. How do you make sure that your new medical equipment is ready to use immediately after […]

The Importance of X-Rays in Veterinary Care

April 26, 2022

X-rays for veterinarians are among the oldest, yet most frequently used diagnostic tools for medical imaging. Dating back to its invention in the late 1800s and as early as 1939, it was recognized as a revolutionary tool for animal use. The X-ray machine has become an essential piece of veterinarian equipment due to its continual […]

Cybersecurity In Radiology

April 12, 2022

Medical diagnostic imaging devices are part of the medical equipment and supplies that greatly improve patient treatment and care. X-ray technology has turned out to be vital in modern medical treatment. These digital devices are networked with other devices and accessed through a computer workstation. Therefore, it makes them more prone to cyber threats. The […]

Great Lakes Imaging – Answering your Questions About Handheld Ultrasound

March 22, 2022

Despite all its benefits, ultrasound has been underutilized as a diagnostic tool for medical purposes. Until now. Handheld ultrasound devices have breathed new life into this valuable diagnostic tool. To learn about handheld ultrasound, call Great Lakes Imaging. For now, here are three essential FAQs. What is Handheld Ultrasound? The hand-held ultrasound device is a compact, […]

Great Lakes Imaging – Who Needs a Portable X-ray Machine?

March 8, 2022

Radiographers have long used x-ray machines to obtain images from patients. Unfortunately, they can be heavy and bulky. However, the new generation of portable x-ray machines has made the technology easier to transport, handle, and afford Most healthcare equipment suppliers can provide models to use from. What Type of Practices Can Use a Portable X-ray Machine? Hospitals […]


Dealing With Radiographer Shortages

February 22, 2022

A spate of recent articles points to a shortage of radiologists in the Midwest and elsewhere. Health Imaging points outthat demand outpaces new entrants in the field, while numerous other sources have identified higher-than-normal rates of attrition. That poses challenges. After all, what good are X-ray machines for doctors, or ultrasound equipment, without qualified individuals […]


Shopping For A Chiropractic X-Ray Machine

February 8, 2022

In chiropractic, as with any other form of medicine, the accuracy of diagnosis is key to delivering proper treatment to restore patients to health and full function. The best guess isn’t good enough; one cannot simply wing it and hope for the best. For this reason, many chiropractors in the Midwest round out their chiropractic […]