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Great Lakes Imaging is a premier supplier of the highest quality diagnostic imaging devices. We can equip your facility with state-of-the-art technology and equipment that will meet all your imaging needs.

Great Lakes Imaging services combine our imaging expertise and advanced technology that will keep you satisfied.

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Medical Equipment Sales

Great Lakes Imaging has top of the line new and refurbished products that guarantee quality diagnostic imaging services in your facility. Our imaging devices and tables will be a welcomed addition to your office.

We specialize in:

  • Medical imaging equipment
  • Chiropractic imaging equipment/Adjustment Tables
  • Podiatry imaging equipment
  • Veterinary imaging equipment
  • Mobile imaging equipment
  • Ultrasound imaging equipment

Medical Equipment Repair

Our team of technicians are experts in the field., and we are dedicated to offering accurate timely results. A Great Lakes Imaging technician will come to your location to assess the issue and provide the best options available to resolve it.

Medical Equipment Installation

Great Lakes Imaging services promises painless installations of your equipment. Our thorough consultations allow us to inspect your room in order to make sure equipment is correctly set up, and the layout matches your vision.

Additionally, Great Lakes Imaging services provides excellent equipment transportation. We can relocate equipment within your room, to a new room, or another facility entirely.