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Fujifilm FDX Console Custom UI

The Fujifilm FDX Console, featured on products like the FDR-flex mobile kit, is a medical imaging system that stands out for its customizable user interface (Custom UI) and a range of advanced features. It’s designed to meet the growing needs for precision, efficiency, and adaptability in medical imaging.

Dynamic Visualization™: A Leap in Image Processing

Central to its technology is the Dynamic Visualization™, Fujifilm’s proprietary tool that automatically enhances detail in radiographic images. This reduces the need for manual post-processing by adjusting image contrast and brightness, which helps in providing clearer images and aiding accurate diagnoses.

Efficient Workflow Design: Simplifying Complexity

The FDX Console is known for its efficient workflow. It allows users to complete common tasks quickly, often in just a few mouse clicks, integrating seamlessly with hospital information systems (HIS) and picture archiving and communication systems (PACS). This integration speeds up patient data management and image processing, enhancing both time efficiency and accuracy.

Virtual Grid™: Enhancing Portable Radiography

A notable feature is the Virtual Grid™, which improves image quality in X-ray images taken without a physical anti-scatter grid. This feature is particularly useful in portable radiography, where using a physical grid isn’t always possible. It enhances image contrast and clarity, making high-quality imaging more accessible.

Customizable User Interface: Tailored to User Needs

The Custom UI of the FDX Console is a major highlight. It allows radiologists and technicians to personalize the layout, settings, and most-used functions to fit their specific preferences and workflow needs. This customization increases efficiency and user comfort, enabling each user to work in the most effective way for them.

Image Quality Optimization Features

In terms of image quality optimization, the console includes features like double-click full-screen zoom, edge enhancement toggles, and noise control. These tools help in fine-tuning the images for better diagnostic quality.

Dose Management Tools: Prioritizing Patient Safety

Patient safety is also a priority with the FDX Console, which includes dose management tools like Exposure Index (EI) and Deviation Index (DI) tracking. These features help in monitoring and managing radiation doses during imaging, ensuring safe limits for patient exposure while still achieving quality images.

Advanced Imaging Functions for Complex Cases

For handling complex medical cases, the FDX Console offers advanced imaging functions such as image stitching, auto trimming, and ROI adjustments. These functions enhance the system’s ability to manage various clinical scenarios, even those that are complex or require detailed analysis.

Seamless Integration with PACS

Finally, the FDX Console integrates seamlessly with PACS, facilitating efficient storage, retrieval, and review of imaging studies. This makes it an essential part of the digital workflow in modern healthcare facilities.


In summary, the Fujifilm FDX Console is a significant technological advancement in medical imaging. It combines Dynamic Visualization™, an efficient design, Virtual Grid™, and a customizable interface with other advanced features, making it a vital tool for radiology professionals. It enhances image quality, streamlines workflows, and prioritizes patient safety, reflecting Fujifilm’s commitment to innovation in medical technology.