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The Tomosynthesis Mammogram: A New Frontier in Breast Cancer Diagnosis

The Tomosynthesis Mammogram: A New Frontier in Breast Cancer Diagnosis

The tomosynthesis mammogram, commonly known as a 3D mammogram, is an advanced type of breast imaging that creates a three-dimensional picture of the breast using x-rays. This technology is particularly beneficial in detecting breast cancer early by providing clearer, more detailed images compared to traditional 2D mammography.

Enhanced Image Clarity

One of the primary advantages of tomosynthesis mammograms is their ability to produce more detailed images of breast tissue. By taking x-rays at multiple angles and compiling them into a 3D image, doctors can examine the breast tissue layer by layer. This clarity significantly reduces the overlapping of tissues, a common issue with 2D mammograms that can obscure potential tumors.

Improved Cancer Detection Rates

Tomosynthesis has been shown to improve the detection rates of breast cancer, particularly in women with dense breast tissue. The layered images allow radiologists to identify and differentiate between benign and malignant lesions with greater accuracy. Early studies indicate that tomosynthesis leads to a 10-30% increase in overall cancer detection rates compared to conventional mammography.

Reduction in False Positives and Callbacks

A significant benefit of tomosynthesis is its ability to reduce false positives—situations where a mammogram suggests cancer when there isn’t any. This technology provides clearer images that help radiologists be more certain of their readings, which decreases unnecessary anxiety for patients and reduces the need for additional testing. This efficiency not only improves the patient experience but also reduces healthcare costs associated with follow-up imaging and biopsies.

Streamlining the Diagnostic Process

3D mammography can streamline the diagnostic process for breast cancer. The detailed images allow for quicker decision-making in terms of the need for further tests such as biopsies. This capability ensures that patients receive faster diagnoses and can begin treatment sooner if necessary, which is crucial in conditions like breast cancer where early intervention can significantly influence outcomes.


Tomosynthesis mammograms are revolutionizing breast cancer screening by providing detailed images that enhance the accuracy of breast cancer detection and reduce unnecessary follow-ups. This advanced imaging technology is a vital tool in the fight against breast cancer, offering substantial benefits for both patients and healthcare providers. For healthcare facilities looking to upgrade or acquire new medical imaging technology, contact Great Lakes Imaging to explore the best options for your needs.