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Versatility in action

Merging latest-generation digital RF technology with a highly flexible system design, Persona RF PREMIUM is engineered for true cross functional workflow and positioning flexibility for interventional and routine radiographic examinations.

Features include:

  • Single console for direct switching between Radiographic, Fluoroscopy and Tabletop Exams
  • Unsurpassed positioning flexibility with 94” of native coverage, 71” SID and ±90° system rotation
  • Automatic pre-selection of system orientation and radiographic techniques tailored to patient type and age
  • Optional ceiling mounted tube system and chest stand
  • Single workstation and generator for multiple x-ray tubes and detectors


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One room to fit all

Offering a range of motion and ease-of-use not normally seen in radiographic fluoroscopy systems, Persona RF PREMIUM represents a new approach to RF imaging, allowing increased room utilization without compromising long-established standards for contrast, image stitching and urologic examinations.

A unified image acquisition and QA workstation allows easy exam processing for continuous or pulsed fluoro, radiographic imaging and image stitching irrespective of system configuration. Powerful APR integration interfaces with joystick table controls for maximum positioning speed and confidence.



Bedside keypad and RF remote controls allow each operator to easily access their most convenient way of piloting the table, while a microphone on the remote console in the control room enables uninterrupted contact with the patient.



Advanced APR system control provides automatic technique presets based on the patient’s date of birth and the anatomic program selected. Powerful image processing automatically corrects each image to maintain consistently high imaging standards for all patient sizes.