Vieworks VIVIX-S DR system

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Vieworks VIVIX-S DR Systems offer a complete X-ray imaging solution by combining versatile detector options and the easy-to-use VXVue acquistion software. VIVIX-S detectors feature AED (Auto Exposure Detection), an internal Access Point, and internal storage capacity to ease installations and deliver the ultimate radiographic flexibility. VIVIX-S DR Systems utilize cassette-size detectors making upgrades for both human and veterinary applications quick and easy.

Vieworks QXLink 3 PACS Software can be added to any system to streamline the imaging process and speed up workflow.

VXvue Acquisition Viewer:

​-User friendly GUI design and touch GUI

​-Supports customization of user features and UI theme

​-Statistic function with dose and exam management

​-Convenient Automation and Processing.

-Auto Cropping, Grid Suppression, Stitching, Labeling, Rotation, Free Rotation, Multi Layout

​-Main Integration systems include generator, collimator, DAP, etc.

 -DICOM 3.0, MWL, Send, Print, MPPS


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1417N: An ultra-lightweight wireless detector with supreme image quality




1417W: A wireless portable detector for general radiography and veterinary applications



1417S ​:A lightweight, wired 14 x 17″ flat panel detector



1012N Wireless: A 10 x 12″ flat panel detector that is ideal for small anatomy and pediatric imaging.



1717N: A wireless flat panel detector with a wide active area of 17 x 17″.



1717V:A fixed cassette sized detector for digital radiography