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Ultrasound Equipment: A Quick Overview

Ultrasound Equipment: A Quick Overview

An ultrasound is a helpful medical procedure. It can be used for the detection of disease or to visualize an unborn baby in a womb. These services are widely used today and have evolved significantly in the past few decades. When it comes to performing these imaging tests, then you need to ensure your facility has access to the right ultrasound equipment. Take a closer look at the specific equipment of ultrasound tests in this ultrasound equipment overview.

The Emerging Technology Of Ultrasound

Ultrasound is not particularly a new technology. It was first used in commercial settings in the year 1963. In these years, brightness devices, or B mode devices, were used in order to produce images of the patient’s insides without the need for invasive procedures. This later emerged the use of grayscale technology that would produce a more accurate overview, leading to better diagnostic tools in various medical settings.

Today, however, we have access to a wider variety of devices that are able to produce ultrasound imaging tests. The modern ultrasound equipment not only produces images that utilize brightness or greyscale factors, but also delivers colored imaging results in certain cases.

Types Of Ultrasound Equipment

When it comes to looking at ultrasound equipment, it is important to understand that there are different purposes for these tests. There are both diagnostic and therapeutic ultrasound technologies that facilities can use in the diagnosis and treatment of certain conditions.

A diagnostic ultrasound test requires equipment that is able to produce sound waves that fall within a range above 20Khz. This range is higher than what the human ear can hear. There are probes that these equipment use in order to visualize the feedback received when they produce these sound waves. These probes are generally placed on the patient’s skin. Sometimes there are also probes inserted into blood vessels or the gastrointestinal tract.

Therapeutic ultrasound refers to cases where sound waves are used in a setting where no images are required. The main purpose of therapeutic ultrasound is to modify tissues in the human body. Certain ultrasound equipment used for therapeutic purposes may also produce heat, help in dissolving blood clots, or assist in the delivery of certain medications into the body.

The equipment required differs based on the specific types of ultrasounds that a facility will perform. Multiple probes may also be required with diagnostic ultrasound. As well, a monitor that can produce images based on the sound waves that are emitted into the patient’s body.


Ultrasounds help to provide assistance during the diagnosis of various diseases in modern-day medical settings. They help doctors get a view of the patient’s insides but do not require surgical or any other invasive procedures. There are various types of ultrasound equipment on the market. Great Lake Imaging has become renowned for providing facilities with high-quality equipment that takes advantage of the latest technology to produce clearer and more accurate images.