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4 Ways to Save Money On Operating Room Equipment

4 Ways to Save Money On Operating Room Equipment

The operating room can bring in 70% of the revenue, but it also accounts for 40% of the total hospital expenses. Specialized operating equipment is very expensive. For example, specialty operating tables can cost about 3 times more than general-purpose ones.

To maximize profits, people are looking for ways how to reduce costs when getting new operating equipment. Here, we listed some of the top market secrets that can save you thousands of dollars. Check the tips below to find out more.

Watch the Timing

The timing can have a major impact on the costs of medical and operating equipment. If you pick the right time, you can save on costs. The best times to make purchases are:

  • Before a special event or holiday – Many companies are offering holiday specials. These can be excellent deals that could lead to a substantial reduction in prices.
  • The end of the year – In mid-November and by the end of December, suppliers are looking to clear out their current inventory. This is why many offer discounts.
  • The end of a quarter – Sales managers tend to achieve quarterly sales targets at the end of September, June, or March. When you contact the seller during the last 2 weeks of these months, you might get discounts.

Consider Used Medical Equipment

Purchasing used medical equipment can provide savings of 40% or more. You will be spending a fraction of the cost on getting the operating equipment you need. From Great Lakes Imaging, you can get used equipment that’s still in fantastic condition. All the products are properly packaged and tested to make sure you are getting a quality purchase.

Attend Trade Show Specials

Many trade shows, expos, fairs, and exhibitions are held to display equipment and technologies for the medical industry. They are held around the world and can offer customers some package discounts or show specials that can lead to notable savings.

Buy in Bulk

The bigger the purchase, the higher the discount. Many equipment sellers are willing to reduce the costs for a customer who buys most of the operating equipment from them. This is also a great way to save some cash on shipping fees and other expenses.

One of the best perks of buying in bulk is that you can be in a position to ask for other perks, such as extra accessories or free spare packages. When you are polite and pleasant with the seller, pricing can be the least of your worries.