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All about the ErgoStyle Elevating HYLO Table

Your chiropractic practice evolves with time, knowledge, and experience. But is your chiropractic table keeping pace? The ErgoStyle Elevating HYLO table is popular in chiropractic for its capability to evolve and grow with your practice.

Why an ErgoStyle Elevating HYLO Table?

Great Lakes Imaging has many different options for chiropractic equipment, including benches with fixed or tilt headpieces, flexion tables, elevation tables, and HYLOs. The ErgoStyle Elevating HYLO Table is unique in that it combines elements of each of these, making it a versatile near all-in-one solution for chiropractic offices.

ErgoStyle Elevating HYLO Table Features and Benefits

This table offers hydraulics that are smooth and precise, a definite plus whether you’re taking advantage of its elevation (up to 30 inches) or its tilting capabilities (up to 63 degrees). Because the foot plate tucks away, you have full and easy access to the end of the table. And while it’s extremely useful even in its base configuration, its modular construction encourages modifications and upgrades (including manual drops, various adjustable headpieces, breakaway chest, and more). These let you adjust the table to your techniques, patient needs, and practice, rather than making a series of uncomfortable compromises.

The precise positioning and customization add up to a more ergonomic approach to adjustments, a boon to chiropractors who find themselves achy, stiff, and in need of an adjustment themselves after a day’s worth of seeing patients. But those you care for benefit as well, since the ErgoStyle Elevating Hylo Table provides improved access for patients, including better accessibility for those with compromised mobility.

ErgoStyle Elevating HYLO Table Configurations

Available in either 120V (ErgoStyle Elevating HYLO Table EH9400) or 230V (ErgoStyle Elevating HYLO Table EH9420), the ErgoStyle Elevating HYLO Table offers a robust list of standard features.

Key Features

Electric elevation from 20-30″

Tilting from 0 to 63 degrees

Single foot pedal for elevation & HYLO

Tilting headpiece with adjustable sewn face cushions

22.5″ wide seamless cushions with multi-density foam

Locking 6″ extending ankle rest

Stationary chest

Fixed pelvic section

Paper roll holder and cutter

Durable powder coat finish

ADA compliant


Weight capacity: 400 lbs.

Overall dimensions: 70″L x 28″W x 20-30″H

Cushion width: 22.5″W

Rated voltage: 120V

Rated frequency: 60Hz

Current: 4.5 Amps

Duty cycle: Intermittent-Max: 2 Minutes On, 18 Minutes Off

ErgoStyle Elevating HYLO Table Options

Headpiece Options

ES95002 – Tilt, Forward Drop, Toggle Drop, Adjustable Face Cushions

ES95003 – Tilt, Elevation, Adjustable Face Cushions

ES95004 – Tilt, Elevation, Forward Drop, Toggle Drop, Adjustable Face Cushions

ES95010 – Tilt, Cervical Distraction, Adjustable Face Cushions

ES95011 – Tilt, Forward Drop, Toggle Drop, Cervical Distraction, Adjustable Cushions

ES95012 – Tilt, Elevation, Forward Drop, Toggle Drop, Cervical Distraction, Adjustable Cushions

ES95013 – Tilt, Elevation, Cervical Distraction, Adjustable Face Cushions

E4423 – 14° Lateral Flexion (Available on all headpiece options)

Chest Piece Options

ES95005 – Breakaway, Elevating Chest with Dual Side Control

Pelvic Options

ES95015 – Elevating Pelvic Section

Drop Options

ES58353 – Thoracic Manual Drop

ES58354 – Lumbar Manual Drop

ES58355 – Pelvic Manual Drop

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