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The New Generation of Portable X-Ray Machines

Radiographers have long used x-ray machines to obtain images from patients. Unfortunately, they can be heavy and bulky. However, the new generation of portable x-ray machines has made the technology easier to transport, handle, and afford.

Most healthcare equipment suppliers offer these new mobile models.

Practices That Can Use a Portable X-ray Machine


It is easy to move portable x-ray machines from one hospital to the next. Radiographers can quickly transport x-ray machines from one location to another in a hospital, even if there’s a disaster or overflow. The LCD screens of mobile x-ray machines are much easier to read than other displays and produce clear images quickly, so doctors don’t have to wait for blurry films to develop.

Veterinary Practices

A mobile x-ray machine allows veterinarians to take clear images and expose animals and patients to low doses of radiation. They can be used faster than other radiography forms, which helps handle animals that are fussy and constantly moving.

Urgent Care Centers

Radiographers can quickly take an x-ray if they suspect a fracture. This allows the patient to receive quicker services and treatment.

Dental Offices

Because portable x-ray machines are more portable and easier to use, dentists can take x-rays from specific angles. To make the portable x-ray machine more stable and mobile, dentists can place it on a stand or mobile unit, allowing for a quicker image.

Walk-in Clinics

Walk-in clinics face unique challenges that aren’t found in other medical offices. Patients come to them expecting quick medical care.

Nursing Homes

Portable x-ray machines can be used in nursing homes where fractures are more common.

What are the benefits of a Portable X-Ray machine?

Portable ray machines offer many benefits to their users. They can be used for many purposes, such as:

1. Portability

Because they don’t have to be anchored to any specific area of the facility, they can be moved around. This benefit allows doctors to imagine patients in their exam rooms instead of having them moved around the facility.

2. Versatility

The machine can be moved so that x-ray services and diagnosis can be provided in critical situations such as:

  • Operation military in training sites or on the field
  • The operation to provide disaster relief
  • Venues and events for sport
  • Prisons and other facilities used to detain individuals
  • Senior citizens, especially in nursing homes
  • Individuals who are homebound
  • Rural clinics without radiology equipment
  • Visits by veterinarians to farms and other facilities housing animals

3. Ease of use

Portable x-rays can easily share digital images, seamlessly connecting with most picture archiving systems and communications systems (PACS). This allows staff at urgent care clinics and emergency rooms to treat patients faster upon arriving by ambulance.

Patients have more options for care

It’s easy to see how portable x-ray machines can benefit patients in life-threatening situations.

Mobile x-ray machines are not expected to provide the same image quality as a DR (digital radiation) or MRI machine in a fully equipped hospital. The mobile x-ray can be used in situations where mobility is required.

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