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Innovative Medical Technologies Impacting Chiropractic Equipment in Michigan

Innovative Medical Technologies Impacting Chiropractic Equipment in Michigan

In many ways, chiropractic medicine remains true to its roots. Spinal manipulation is still more associated with high-touch than with high-tech. However, chiropractors have always embraced new technologies — from drop tables to infrared light — when a clear patient benefit was evident. These days, a host of new technologies are bringing still more innovation to chiropractic care and chiropractic equipment for sale in the Midwest.

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How New Technology is Impacting Chiropractic Products

Technology is finding its way into every phase of chiropractic care. How we diagnose and treat chiropractic issues, and even how we manage pain, are evolving by leaps and bounds. While there is still, and will likely always be, a place for traditional methods and tools of the trade, today’s chiropractor has more tools at her disposal than ever before.

Advances in Chiropractic Diagnostic Equipment

Chiropractic diagnostics once relied exclusively on chiropractic X-ray equipment to diagnose a patient’s problems and chart a plan of treatment. However, new advances in digital imaging for chiropractic, including infrared thermal imaging, are allowing new visibility into patients’ neuromuscular systems, allowing a higher degree of precision without gamma rays.

Advances in Chiropractic Treatment Equipment

Chiropractic adjustment tables have evolved, with some now finding use alongside traction treatment tables for chiropractic or even roller massage tables. However, newer equipment like the PulStar uses precise impulses — adjusted in part by patients’ biofeedback — to advance treatment further still.

Advances in Chiropractic Pain Management Equipment

Pain and loss of motion are among the most common complaints that bring patients to their chiropractors. Restoring function and alleviating suffering is important; just as important, for practitioners and patients alike, is finding chemical-free treatment modalities. While TENS units, infrared light, and laser treatments are already revolutionizing treatment, we’re also noticing the emergence of so-called K-Laser therapy, which combines light on the visible and infrared spectrums. Besides being an effective treatment to alleviate back and neck pain, it’s also shown to be effective in other complaints like carpal tunnel syndrome, trigger points, and plantar fasciitis.

Chiropractic Equipment Repairs and Maintenance

While Great Lakes Imaging stands by the quality of our new and used chiropractic equipment for sale in the Midwest, we know two things for certain. First, chiropractic equipment requires maintenance, and with higher technology comes new needs for inspection and calibration. Second, even the best-designed, best-built, and best-maintained chiropractic equipment can still break down.

In either instance, we’re standing by to address your needs, taking care of most maintenance and repairs on-site to minimize disruption and get your practice back to full function fast — just as you’d do for your patients. In the event that a more complex repair is needed, we’ll take care of service in-house and get your equipment back to you in perfect working order.

Find the Right Chiropractic Equipment for Your Practice

Whether you have specific chiropractic equipment in mind, or you know your practice has a significant gap that you’re not sure how to plug, get in touch with Great Lakes Imaging. We’re happy to consult with you, and custom-design solutions that are the perfect fit.