Fujifilm Essentia (FS & SA)


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Introducing Essentia (FS & SA)

Two cutting-edge digital radiography solutions that combine advanced features with space-saving designs.

Essentia systems are combined with Fujifilm’s latest DR detectors, automated dose techniques and intelligent image processing. Essentia FS and SA deliver fast workflow and image acquisition with amazing image quality at low patient dose for the most confined spaces and budgets.

Essentia FS is a feature-rich complete digital radiography system with floor mounted tube and advanced workflow features combined with Fujifilm’s premium image quality and low dose DR detectors. Essentia FS offers unmatched price-performance ratio.

Essentia SA is a versatile, economical and space saving single detector straight arm system. This affordable and very compact system design can accommodate a wide array of exams and fit in the most confined spaces and budgets without sacrificing exam versatility and premium diagnostic imaging.

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Essentia FS

Essentia FS digital radiography (DR) room with floor mounted tube stand delivers affordability with a high performing full featured general radiography system. With its intuitive user interface, advanced automation and ergonomic design, Essentia FS ensures simplified technologist workflow for enhanced diagnostics and better patient experiences.

  • Intuitive 10” touchscreen controls at tube head
  • SpeedLink – automated dose saving exposure techniques
  • Auto tube height tracking to table and wall bucky’s
  • Rotational column
  • Rotating detector trays or 17×17” adapter option
  • Premium wall stand with light easy positioning
  • 6-way elevating float top table
  • Effortless positioning

Essentia SA

The Essentia SA is a semi-automated digital radiography (DR) straight arm system built for fast, efficient workflow. Its compact streamlined design fits the smallest spaces and as low as 8’ ceilings without limiting full-functionality. Now your small practice can provide your patients the latest in digital imaging. Perform general radiography exams, upright chest, abdomen, oblique and supine imaging with an optional mobile table.


  • Intuitive 10” touchscreen controls at tube head
  • SpeedLink – automated dose saving exposure techniques
  • Up to 60 semi-automatic exam positioning pre-sets
  • User removable grid
  • Dual laser LED collimator
  • Removable detector for free positioning exams or built-in fixed 17×17″ option



Technology + Detectors


FDX Console with Dynamic Visualization

Our latest technologist workstation and advanced digital image processing with a simplified and customizable user interface. Allows exams to be completed in as few as 2 or 3 mouse clicks. Featuring a large touchscreen display and available secondary 2 megapixel display (option). Provides immediate image previews, image manipulation, and secure reliable network connectivity. Also features SpeedLink integration which automates technique parameters to exam menus, to simplify adherence to site preferences and optimal dose lowering techniques. IHE EI/DI exposure and deviation index and retake analysis functionality also included; along with IHE RDSR radiation dose.


FDR D-EVO Detectors

Designed for easy integration with any of Fujifilm’s lightweight, durable DR detectors (options include FDR D-EVO III, FDR ES and SE Lite detectors). Smaller 10×12″ or 24x30cm detectors are also available for free positioning of smaller anatomy.

All detector models feature Fujifilm’s Patented ISS for low dose, low noise and exceptional image quality. Fujifilm’s latest FDR D-EVO III features a revolutionary glass-free design which maximizes durability and performance and makes them extremely lightweight.