Iogel Disposable Electrodes


Iogel, a marketing-leading electrode with features that allow for precise placement, pH stabilization, superior patient comfort and ease of filling.

  • Elliptical Shape
    – Follows the line of the tendon
  • Clear Adhesive
    – Allows precise placement on target site
  • Three Sizes
    – Color-coded small, medium and large for easy identification
  • IOMED’s¨ Patented Technologies
    – Provide the greatest comfort
    – Decrease set-up time
  • Silver-Silver Chloride*
    – Conducts more efficiently than carbon
    – Stabilizes pH without using chemical buffers
    – *Patented technology cross licensed with Alza Corporation, a subsidary of Johnson & Johnson
  • GelSponge¨
    – Ensures complete contact between the electrode and the skin surface
    – Provides a conductive medium similar to ultrasound gel
  • EZ Fill Window?
    – Protects adhesive during hydration and handling
    – Provides no-stick handling
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