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Styles of Chiropractic Tables

Since chiropractic is the largest and most regulated alternative therapy, the number of people using it is steadily increasing worldwide. Chiropractic is a disease treatment method that involves pressing a person’s joints. The most common and usual chiropractic treatment involves the patient lying prone on a primary tool known as a table, with his or her face and hands in contact with the table. In addition to your hands, a chiropractic table is a primary tool for safely and effectively correcting musculoskeletal issues.

What are the different styles of chiropractic tables?

Chiropractic tables can be an important tool in treating bones, joints, muscles, the back only, nervous systems, arteries, veins, lymphatic systems, and many more. Chiropractic tables come in a variety of styles to accommodate various chiropractic treatments. These table styles may differ depending on the simplicity with which they can be moved and carried, as well as the function they serve. Regardless, it is essential to consider and explain these chiropractic tables and the various styles in which they appear.

The most common types of chiropractic tables are stationary tables, portable tables, hylo tables, and flexion distraction tables. These tables are generally known as drop tables.

Stationary Table

A stationary table is a commonly used table for chiropractic treatment. Although several designs of chiropractic tables are gaining popularity, the quality of being trustworthy and the consistency of the stationary table has guaranteed its relevance to date. Moreover, stationary tables are relatively cost-effective, especially in terms of maintenance. Today, this traditional table has undergone several improvements to fit patients’ and treatment needs.

Portable Table

This style of chiropractic table is ideal and best suited, particularly because it is designed to be lighter and smaller in size than previous versions. In addition to its lighter weight, it has all of the features of the professional options and much more. In terms of convenience, the portable table is very easy to transport and carry around (it has straps) and is also very simple to set up. The control levers are easier to understand, and their comfort is outstanding.

Hylo Table

The common distinction of the hylo table from all other forms of chiropractic tables is its dynamic adjustments. The hylo table, unlike most chiropractic tables, can be adjusted both vertically and horizontally. To put it another way, this table can be adjusted in two directions. The hylo table is a superb improvement to several chiropractic tables because it is designed with people with disabilities and even the elderly in mind.

Flexion distraction table

The flexion-distraction table is another popular chiropractic table. According to the American Chiropractic Association, the flexion-distraction technique developed by James M. Cox, DC, is used by between half and two-thirds of practicing chiropractors. Phillips Chiropractic Tables is another well-known manufacturer of flexion distraction tables. This table is distinguished by its ability to safely move the spine in a therapeutic manner to relieve pain and relieve pressure on the lumbar spine.


In conclusion, there are numerous other types of chiropractic tables (inversion tables, elevation tables, and other varieties of portable tables). However, it is important to consult with a licensed operator before selecting one.