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What Equipment Does a Chiropractor Use?

What Equipment Does a Chiropractor Use?

Chiropractic medicine has relied on many of the same principles since it first emerged a little more than a century ago. But changing times have brought new equipment to the chiropractic arsenal, giving even more options to relieve patients’ discomfort, pain, and loss of mobility. And many chiropractors turn to Great Lakes Imaging when it’s time for new chiropractic equipment in the Detroit area and beyond.

Key Chiropractic Equipment

Your office may take advantage of any number of devices, from the simple (like a hydro collator) to the complex (cold lasers, electrical muscular stimulation, and a variety of activator adjusting tools). For all the variables, three essentials should be found in nearly every chiropractor’s office.

Chiropractic Imaging Equipment

Chiropractic treatment is most effective when it’s tailored to the patient. To that end, medical imaging equipment has a key part to play in your practice. From digital chiropractic imaging equipment backed by cutting-edge software to chiropractic x-ray systems that can provide full spinal imaging or more targeted views, we carry solutions that help you customize care.

Chiropractic Adjusting Tables

A chiropractic adjusting table is the backbone of most chiropractic offices. With the ability to articulate, and offer either manual or mechanical adjustment settings, no chiropractic practice can go without this vital piece of equipment. We offer stationary, portable, and HYLO models that fit any adjustment method.

Decompression and Traction Tables

A spinal disc that is deteriorating, bulging, or herniated can cause excruciating pain, and may not respond well initially to traditional types of adjustment. That’s why, like many of our clients, we offer a range of decompression and traction tables, including models available with advanced accessory packages for precise, mechanically-applied, traction.

Going Beyond Chiropractic Equipment Sales

Of course, purchasing chiropractic equipment and supplies is just the first step to outfitting your office. With real estate at a premium, many of our clients are trying to make the most of small spaces. That’s why we offer custom medical equipment solutions, as well as professional chiropractic equipment installation in the Detroit area.

But there’s something else that’s just as important as purchasing and properly installing the right equipment. Here’s a hint: it’s something you probably suggest to each of your patients. That, of course, would be maintained so that painful breakdowns don’t come as often. We offer on-site chiropractic equipment maintenance and repairs wherever possible to minimize disruptions, as well as an in-house repair facility that fixes and reconditions equipment to like-new condition.

Other Equipment and Supplies

There are, of course, other tools in your kit, including things you may suggest to your patients so they can care for themselves between visits. TENS units, resistance bands, cervical pillows, Biofreeze… the possibilities are as varied as the practices we’ve helped over the years, and some can even represent supplemental revenue streams for your practice.

Chiropractic Equipment You Need, From a Company You Can Trust

Great Lakes Imaging backs each product we sell with our decades of experience, expert service, and personalized care. Get in touch today for questions, consultations, and orders.